Saturday, March 12, 2016

Life Care Center Of Reno Compare Amys Eden Nevada Nursing Home Care

Life Care Center Of Reno compared to Amy's Eden Senior Care 775-884-3336 in Nevada is an interesting take on the differences of quality found in standard nursing home care vs the personalized care found in individual elderly residences called HIRCs. They are homes for individual residential care and the quality is remarkable!

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Manor Care Reno or Amys Eden a Comparison | Manorcare Health Services Nevada

Manor Care Reno is an assisted living facility and Amy's Eden is also a facility that specializes in senior care. This video shows how great Amy's Eden-style homes really are and how assisted living facilities in Reno just might not be able to provide the personalized and unique care that is best for the elderly. It's an interesting contrast from Manor Care Reno facilities.